a cup of tea – three men – a thousand stories, and a dragon

We are bards and artisans. We love to write, draw, and paint, read and listen to music – all with a cup of tea near at hand. We love stories and storytelling. We enjoy movies and television shows, comic books, games, anime, and manga. Our joy is in food and travel, in arts and entertainment, in poetry, photography, language and history, in people and the different, breathtaking cultures of the world. Oh, and dragons. We love dragons!

meet the founders

The Three Heads 02

umair mirxa

Intuitive – Idealist – Original


10 Years’ Experience in Writing and Marketing 


Umair is responsible for coming up with all the ideas, and doing all the work. When he’s not working for Dastaan, which is rare, he spends time building a fantasy world for a planned series of novels.


A lifelong The Lord of the Rings fan, Umair loves mythology, fantasy, and history, and everything ever written by J.R.R. Tolkien. He is a Gooner, and enjoys movies, TV shows, and music in addition to reading and football.


hasan kazim

Efficient – Pragmatist – Rigorous


12 Years’ Experience in Business and Retail 


Hasan is responsible for making things happen. He is the one who dupes clients into giving us their business. We deliver quality and meet deadlines only because of the sheer terror he inspires.


In his rare good moods, Hasan enjoys watching cricket, football, movies, and TV shows. A massive Guns n’ Roses fan, he loves everything to do with cars and gadgets.

The Three Heads 01
The Three Heads 03

shakaib feroz

Chaotic – Fantasist – Eccentric


10 Years’ Experience in Digital and Concept Art


Shakaib is responsible for nothing. We can’t trust him with anything. If he feels like it, he draws and paints something. We accept it, use it, and feel grateful. He feels not a thing!


A massive fan of Sargent, Frazetta, and Richard Williams, Shakaib loves reading history and conspiracy theories. He enjoys science fiction, and he eats everyone’s food. He eats all the food!